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Technical Assistance Grants for Small Housing Agency Transitions

Minnesota NAHRO is pleased to announce a new benefit for our members. Through a competitive process, Technical Assistance (TA) grants will be available to small housing authorities to address organizational issues or re-position their federally subsidized housing for long term sustainability.  The TA will help small housing authorities preserve their federally subsidized housing using new regulatory and financing mechanisms. 

DEADLINE: Applications are currently being accepted through July 31, 2019

Applications for technical assistance for the current round may be submitted at any time beginning June 2019 and until July 31, 2019.  Eligible applications will be reviewed in August by Minnesota NAHRO's Selection Committee.  Applicants will be informed of the Committee's recommendation for funding by September 30, 2019 and invited to enter into a Grant Agreement outlining the use of funds and grantee obligations.  

Minnesota NAHRO's ability to accept new Technical Assistance for Small Housing Agency Transitions applications is dependent upon funding and capacity.  The current funding pool is made possible by the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund. 


Housing Authorities, especially small agencies located in Greater Minnesota, face a changing landscape which may impact their sustainability in the years to come.  While the origins are from many different causes, these agencies have the common challenge of limited financial resources and staff capacity to respond. 

A common thread woven throughout these scenerios is the challenge of insufficient financial resources and lack of staff capacity to respond to opportunities and challenges. This dynamic is especially apparent with respect to the growing need for HRAs to reposition their public housing stock to preserve these assets for the long term. 

In response to this need, Minnesota NAHRO supported by funding from the GMHF, established this TA grant program for small agencies to provide the financial resources and expertise to address these issues and preserve their affordable housing assets. 

Eligibility & Funding

  • Applicants must be a current agency member of Minnesota NAHRO with nine or fewer employees
  • Applicants may apply for  up to $8,000 in grant funding 
  • Applicant will be asked to provide a resolution or letter from its board in support of the proposal

Eligible Uses of Funds & Examples

Applicants may request funding for costs associated with organizational transitions necessary to address sustainability of affordable housing in their community. 

  • Technical assistance to help housing authority restructure in order to preserve housing assets  within its portfolio 
  • Consultant services for agencies to address identified organizational issues as part of a re-positioning of a public housing project 
  • Organizational and program assessment to determine best program approach to preserve public housing 

Examples of Small Agencies in Transition

  • An agency experiences a leadership void upon the retirement of its executive director
  • An agency wants to expand its housing portfolio but needs expertise to assess the opportunities available
  • An agency with a portfolio of public housing units needs to look at repositioning the units into another HUD program for long term sustainability (demolition, disposition or RAD)
  • An agency with a portfolio of housing choice vouchers needs to transfer the vouchers due to program constraints and/or inadequate reserves
  • An agency with scattered site public housing units needs to maintain these larger units within their portfolio to serve families but reposition out of the public housing program as such units are more costly to maintain and inadequately funded
  • A housing authority is looking to merge with another agency upon leadership change

Each of these scenarios offer an opportunity for a small housing authority to assess its programs and structure in order to preserve its affordable housing units. While these small agencies rarely have the resources and capacity to fully consider its options, they do understand and have access to industry expertise to help them determine the best approach moving forward.

Join Our College of Experts - Request for Qualifications

Minnesota NAHRO is comprised of a strong network of industry experts with deep understanding of the many issues facing housing authorities across the state.  By tapping into this network and supported by this TA program, Minnesota NAHRO will connect the appropriate expertise with the issues facing an agency in transition.  Contact Shannon Guernsey if you are interested in being a part of our College of Experts and to complete the RFQ.   (anticipated start July 2019) 

APPLICATION LINK (on Google forms)


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