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Wednesday September 11

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Reasonable Accommodations & Fair Housing with Nan McKay - National Training

Begins 10am on Wednesday & Adjourns by 5pm on Thursday

Advanced Registration Required - Click here for details and to register.

Our Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodation seminar gives you expanded and updated content including reference material that is fully cited with statutes, HUD regulations, PIH notices, and HUD and Department of Justice (DOJ) guidance. Participants gain practical knowledge through hands-on case study activities developed from current, real-life fair housing legal actions, recent HUD voluntary compliance agreements (VCAs), HUD regulations and notices, and fair housing audits. Topics addressed in the class include:
  • Understanding the reasonable accommodation process
  • Preparing for HUD and FHEO civil rights monitoring, fair housing reviews, and complaint investigations
  • Complying with requirements and implementing best practices for VAWA


HUD’s Repositioning Overview 

HUD staff will present their Public Housing Repositioning Overview, as presented in their Spring session for those who need a repeat of the basic overview of all repositioning options.  If you need the basic overview to get the best understanding of all options on the table, this session will present all options in an introductory level discussion.  If you need more information and have questions like:   What and Why are PHA’s talking about repositioning?  Do I have to Reposition my Public Housing?   What is Section 18?  What does Streamline Voluntary Conversion mean for me?   If you have asked yourself that questions, then this session is for you!

Encumbrance Considerations in Asset Repositioning (Repeats Friday)

Come learn about the many considerations to take into account if you opt to re-position your public housing.  Led by the legal counsel for the St Paul Public Housing Authority, this session will cover encumbrances and many other issues a change would impact. Encumbrances include POHP, PILOT, lease agreements, cell tower contracts plus many more.  Find out how asset repositioning might impact the various encumbrances attached to your public housing and whether it is a big deal or not.   

The Hard Stuff is the Soft Stuff:  Leading Organizational Change

With so much happening at your agency, don't forget that your staff need to brought along with the transition. Staff are impacted if you are merging with another agency or if you transitioning your HUD assets to other HUD programs. This session will help you identify stakeholders, plan for, manage and reinforce change for an organizational and people standpoint

Expand Your Resources: TA Opportunities for Small Agencies

As small housing authorities, securing resources for your agency is important and this session highlights two new opportunities available from MHP.  First, many Rural Development properties across the state are available for purchase.  MHP has TA resources to assist your agency in purchasing an RD property in order to preserve these affordable housing units.  Second MHP will provide an overview a new tool, the "Local Housing Trust Fund Manual for Minnesota". By establishing a local housing trust fund, your agency can help secure resources to support affordable housing in your community.  Don't miss this opportunity to tap into TA support and expand your agency resources.  


Streamlined Voluntary Conversions

HUD recognizes that many small PHAs (those with 250 or fewer public housing units) have limited options to preserve their housing and are burdened by federal reporting and compliance requirements, creating challenges in maintaining and operating financially and physically healthy properties.   The Streamline Voluntary Conversion provides small PHAs with a streamlined procedure to make repositioning decisions to preserve affordable housing assets and better meet the unique needs of their local community while closing out their Public Housing Annual Contributions Contracts (ACC) and reducing their reporting burden.  HUD staff will outline the notice, the purpose of this repositioning strategy, and next steps for PHA’s who are considering this opportunity.

Legal Entities & Contracts Once You Reposition

Understanding the type of legal entities available once you reposition your public housing will help you prepare for what comes next. Provided by legal experts, this session will walk you through various legal entities and how they differ from public housing and how they stay the same.  The session will also explore the contracting options and other program approaches you can consider once you are no longer subject to public housing requirements.  

#metoo and you - Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in the MeToo Era

Does the hashtag #metoo inspire hope, curiosity or concern in your organization? While we often think of sexual harassment and discrimination as a Mad Men-era issue, it is unfortunately alive and well. Reports of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the workplace permeate today’s news in every industry, including the nonprofit sector.  Organizations often take a “protect the agency” defensive position, without providing sufficient respect and care for the employee experiencing the harassment.  Attend this session to learn how to take a victim-centered approach to harassment and discrimination claims in the workplace.

Thursday September 12

Reasonable Accommodations & Fair Housing with Nan McKay - National Training

Day 2 begins at 8:30am & adjourns by 5pm 

REAC Update with US Inspections Group - National Training

Begins Thursday at 1pm and adjourns Friday by 1pm

Advanced registration required - Click here for details and to register.

Presented by the national experts from US Inspections Group, this REAC update includes a review of the UPCS protocol coupled with a study of the each inspectable areas including point values for every defect. The update will cover a checklist that can be used by maintenance staff when entering any unit to aid in locating and alleviating defects. With budget cuts and limited manpower, the only way we can hope to attain a good REAC score is by knowing what defects cost us the most points. Our entire presentation is built around this idea…. defects that only deduct 1/10 of a point should be at the bottom of our repair list while defects that cost 6 points must be at the top!


SMALL PHA Options for Repositioning (50 and Under PH Units)

Small PHA’s are unique in portfolio size, finances, staff and board capacity, and local community engagement and resources.  With that said small PHA’s (those with under 50 PH Units), should particularly evaluate the new HUD Small PHA options for repositioning.    Have you heard that a small PHA has some options for repositioning that other PHA’s don’t have?  Do you know that HUD has implemented some special notices that have reduced several steps to repositioning a smaller PHA?  If you don’t know the answer to these questions, this session will help the Small PHA understand their options and opportunities.

Are Your Policies Ready to Reposition? (Repeats Friday)

This session will save you time and headaches if you plan to reposition your public housing assets. Before you begin, ensure you have the policies in place that will support your next steps.  This session will address the many policies you need to review and update to ensure a smooth transition. 

Minnesota Case Law Update & Ask the Attorney 

Legal aid knocking on your door citing case law faster than you can keep up? There have been a series of state court decisions that may impact your agency and how you manage your programs. Presented by Mary Dobbins, this session will provide an overview of recent court decisions that may impact your agency. The session will also provide an opportunity for you to ask your legal questions. Have your questions ready and be on time! This session is always a big hit and fills up quickly!

10:15am - 11:45am

Section 18 Repositioning from A to Z 

During this session HUD staff will outline the basics of Section 18 Demolition and Disposition options and reviews PIH notice 2018-04 in detail.  Section 18 Enhancements will be shared with specifics to Scattered Sites, PHA with 50 or fewer units, RAD/Section 18 Blend options, and why many PHA’s are engaging in this opportunity.  Understand the impacts of this option as it relates to Tenant protection vouchers, physical obsolescence, ARF and DDTF funding and more!

HUD Review of Legal Issues

HUD Office of Legal Counsel will review the many issues that should be considered in the repositioning process. From tenant protections, to lease agreements, fair housing considerations, the declaration of trust, plus many other program requirements as you assess your options.  

Landlord Engagement & Recruitment

Low vacancy rates and rising rents make attracting and keeping landlords in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program a challenge.  Communities across the state, cities big and small, rural, urban and suburban alike are seeing a loss of landlord participation. This session highlights lessons learned, best practices and showcasing examples of how housing authorities work to engage, recruit and partner with landlords to serve the needs of your program participants.


Conference Plenary - "Implementing Success Change----When The Elephants Dance" with Ted Schick

An old US Navy saying is, "When the elephants dance, the grass must pay." Too often change is something that people on the frontlines feel they must endure. What can we do as leaders to change this mindset? In this fun and engaging presentation, we look at why people resist change and the 11 Steps to Effective Change Leadership which NAHRO leaders can facilitate for a smooth transition no matter the size of the organizational change

3:30pm - 5pm
Communicating with Stakeholders about Asset Management & Repositioning
Keeping stakeholders informed about Asset Management & Repositioning is an important component of the process. This session will help you identify key messages to help you communicate with residents, help your community understand the value of public housing and the importance of preserving this community asset.  

Opportunity Zones, Section 3 Update and Move Up 
HUD Staff will present on the recent changes and updates to these HUD programs.  This session will include program highlights, review recent rules, guidelines and how HUD sees these programs moving forward. 

Tenant Protections in a Tight Housing Market

The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the how the City of St Louis Park and Bloomington addressed the loss of naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) and the impact on low income tenants in their community.  In a tight housing market, keeping affordable housing can be challenging and maintaining landlords in our programs even more difficult.  This session will cover how these ordinances came about, the process used to garner community and political support, how stakeholders were engaged plus the lessons learned and strategies for success.

Friday September 13

8:30am to 10:00am

Are you Ready to RAD? (Rental Assistance Demonstration)

This session will outline the benefits of RAD, the Rental Assistance Demonstration program.  You will learn that RAD allows PHAs to convert their existing public housing subsidy into a project-based Section 8 subsidy – either Section 8 Project Based Voucher (PBV) or Project Based Rental Assistance (PBRA).  You will learn how to identify if RAD will work with your properties and community.  You will understand:  how to evaluate if RAD will work with your portfolio to enhance and stabilize your revenue options, what specific steps a PHA is needing to take in order to submit a RAD application,  what will a  RAD conversion mean to your resident population, and how to combine RAD with other repositioning opportunities if necessary. 

Tour of Redevelopment - NorShor Theater

Offsite & returns by  11:30am - Transportation provided (Trolley departs 9am)

Come see the incredible transformation of this 100 year old historic space, which served many past purposes over time– a live theatre, a movie theatre, strip club, etc. - before sitting dormant for almost a decade until purchased in 2010 by the Duluth Economic Development Authority (DEDA).  Renovations did not begin until 2016; it was in desperate need of repairs, upgrades, and restoration.  

Newly renovated and proudly opened with its first premier in February 2018 to a sold out crowd, the NorShor is managed by the Duluth Playhouse and is a great example of a public-private partnership that is reviving the downtown as a stately northern Minnesota cultural hub that showcases top notch plays & musicals, concerts, and classic film screenings. The theater renovations were funded with historic tax credits, private financing, community redevelopment funds, and state bonding. 

The presenter/tour guide will be Christine Gradl Seitz, Executive & Artistic Director of the Duluth Playhouse



Encumbrance Considerations in Asset Repositioning (Repeat from Wednesday)


RAD Options for PBV OR RAD PBRA?    

When you read this, are you thinking great, more HUD Acronyms!  Yes, these are HUD acronyms for:  The Project Base Voucher and Project Based Rental Assistance programs.  If you are working to understand the difference between these two programs and how it connects with your repositioning options, you will learn it in this session.  You will also learn how HOTMA allows PHAs to use Project Based Vouchers in former public housing properties.   The session will outline each program and all its special options so you can feel informed in bringing this to your board of commissioners!

Are Your Policies Ready to Reposition? (Repeat of Thursday session)

Tour of Redevelopment continues (offsite & trolley returns by 11:30am)

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